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Learn how our clients are closing 2-3+ recruiting deals each month

Janis Ivory| Founder of ISS Search Executive Partners

“I was skeptical at first, but the whole team took me through the process. I’ve been getting great results so far and would definitely recommend Tash Rizzo’s services”

John Palcisko | Executive Recruiter at JDP Search Group

“We are extremely busy and capitalizing on the momentum we are getting. I feel like I am a partner with Tash Rizzo, We got 3 Clients in the first 2 weeks.”

Pam Cox| Founder Apama Recruiting

“The way you reach out to people and the response I got back was JUST INCREDIBLE, I’ve never been so busy with appointments scheduled weeks in advance”

Kelly Sullivan | Executive Vice President - The Deamer Group

“I love the fact that, not only do I get a complete system but a team which comprises of specialists from all the different facets of Digital Marketing”

Jessica Van Pelt | C.E.O of The Pegasus Agency

“The thing I love about working with Tash is I was able to get my time back, and feel secure knowing my lead generation was being done for me”

Nic Bruns | Managing Partner at Global Wheaton Recruiters

“I was a little bit skeptical signing on with Tash, but literally in two weeks I got my first signed contract worth tens of thousands of dollars in revenue and I couldn’t be any happier”

 Ready to dive in and see our system

Will Gordon | President at Search Partners Recruiting

“One week in, it’s been tremendous. I’ve been in staffing for 6 six years, within the first week following the guideline Tash Provided, we hit $40,000 in contracts on literally the third day”

Scott Begin | C.E.O at RealBegin

“Tash has done excellent coaching us to get qualified leads using LinkedIn, putting his strategy we got 5 contracts within the first 30 days, six-figure revenue which is phenomenal.”

Kev Charlie | Founder at Attention Empire Digital

“Tash has changed the game for me, prior to his services I was struggling to find new leads and new customers for my agency. After Tash gave me the system, I was reaching 50 to 100 people per day which has brought new life in my agency on an immense scale”

Mark Coulter | Managing Partner at StaffGurus

“It’s been just 2 weeks and we already signed up a client in recurring revenue. This system is amazing, previously I had to spend complete days cold calling and now I just get appointments set up for me and I can focus on growing my business”

 Ready to dive in and see our system

Bryant Miller | President at Integrus Human Capital

“I’ve been very lucky to have Tash Rizzo team with me, growing my business exponentially. I only had to do minimal work on my part and the rest their team delivered new qualified leads  professionally every single week “

Michael Maher| Founder of Dexterity Search Group

“Everyone on the Tash Rizzo team is super kind and professional, I love the processes and systematic way to generate highly qualified leads. I got $50K in clients in a single month that’s phenomenal ROI.”

Robin Alex | C.E.O at Innovate Fast Marketing

“If anyone is still on the fence, you need to get into the Tash’s program it’s the system your business needs to leave the competition behind and do Lead Generation like never before”

Drew Wyatt | President at Integrity Search

“From the get-go, It’s been awesome working with Tash Rizzo, it’s amazing that we got great leads in the first month and finalized 2 Job orders, which says a lot about their top service”

Eduardo Realegeno| Chief Operating Officer at Realbegin

“The processes Tash gave to us was of tremendous value, we got a 9-month contract worth $15K each month within weeks after implementing the system. “

Even More Success Stories

 Ready to dive in and see our system

Helping businesses grow is at the heart of our company. We keep that in mind with every action we take and make it our mantra.

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